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Formed in 1987 with a work force of just 80 employees to cut and polish Briliant cut Diamonds for a Japanese company, was the inception of Diamond Cutters Limited By being responsive to change in the diamond market, Diamond Cutters has since expanded its production and extended its expertise to include the manufacture of Baguettes for the Isreal market. Sawing of rough diamonds, polishing of princess cut and most recently, the polishing of precision cut Baguettes and tapered Baguettes for the Swiss watch industry and up-market jewelers have been additional features to our list services as well.

Our technical skills and expertise, as well as our total commitment to quality are evident in all our production and services.

Committed to ensure excellence, we continue to build a strong team of skilled employees who will benchmark the company’s future as a leading manufacturer of Fine-Make Diamonds in international markets, leaving no doubt to our stamp of quality in Sri Lanka’s diamond industry.

It is a relentless process, which remains consistent at all levels of our operation. We are confident that our human resource strategies will enable us to deal with both challenges and opportunities in the future.

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